About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of bionic-vision.org is to provide the public with accurate and timely information about the current state of bionic vision technology and its prospect as a treatment option for severe blindness.

Neural technologies such as visual neuroprostheses hold great promise for restoring vision to people who have been blinded by degenerative disease of the eye as well as injury or trauma to the visual cortex.
However, clinical experience has shown that the vision restored by current devices differs substantially from normal sight. To avoid hyperbole and misinformation, an independent platform is needed.

The hope is that this platform will serve as an information hub about bionic vision not just to the public but also to newcomers in the field. The public deserves to know about the prospect of bionic vision - its promises, but also its shortcomings and limitations.


We aim to catalogue all consortia, companies, research groups, and investigators who have contributed to the field of bionic vision. This includes professors, group leaders, lecturers, research directors, postdocs, and related titles. However, we do not currently have the capacity to catalogue every graduate student in the field.

To be considered a "bionic vision technology", a technology should focus on recovering or restoring the visual capabilities of the human eye through the means of an implantable device. This currently includes retinal and cortical implants, optogenetic prostheses, and other brain-computer interfaces for vision. This does not include gene therapy, stem cell therapy, telescopic lenses, smart glasses, or sensory substitution devices—although these are all promising alternatives to the more invasive approaches presented here.

Who We Are

This platform started as a Summer Project in 2020 at UC Santa Barbara.

Under the guidance of Prof. Michael Beyeler of the Bionic Vision Lab, a diverse team of undergraduate students from computer science, psychology, neuroscience, and engineering developed the first prototype in roughly 3 months. Since then, numerous contributors from around the globe have added to the content, web design, and accessibility of the site.

You can see a list of all current contributors here.

Verification Process

Ongoing: In service of our mission, the content on this platform will be independently vetted by leading experts in the field. To ensure transparency and accountability of our content, every article contains the following metadata:

  1. Authored by: A list of people who have contributed to the article's content. New articles are typically created either by core members of the Content Team or upon request by the community.
  2. Verified by: A list of people who have independently verified the accuracy of the article's content, including the date on which the verification occurred.

We aim to include all companies and research groups that have contributed to the bionic vision community. If you think that somebody is missing, please get in touch with us.