Blackrock Microsystems LLC

Blackrock Microsystems LLC

Location Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Years active 2008 - present


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Blackrock Microsystems is a privately held company that provides enabling tools for neuroscience, neural engineering, and neuroprosthetics research and clinical communities worldwide.<br>Blackrock Microsystems derives from a legacy of high-tech innovation that began with Bionic Technologies, a spin-off from the University of Utah in 1997. The company started by Brian Hatt and Prof. Richard A. Normann (inventor of the Utah Electrode Array), was later taken over by Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems, Inc. (CKI). After achieving major strides in applying neuroscience research technology to the human body, Blackrock Microsystems LLC of Salt Lake City, Utah acquired CKI’s research business in May 2008.

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