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Run by Dr. Daniel Palanker, the Palanker lab is dedicated to researching the interactions of electric fields (including light) with biological cells and tissues. These interactions are leveraged for various applications, such as neural recording, stimulation, and inhibition, both in fundamental scientific research and practical medical settings.

Within the field of optical imaging, the research team works on interferometric imaging to capture neural signals and metabolic activities within cells. Microsecond-level temporal resolution and sub-nanometer precision achieved through quantitative phase imaging create a pathway toward an optical substitute for conventional electrophysiology, entirely eliminating the need for external markers. The lab’s work extends to the development of various biological applications for this technology, encompassing tasks such as imaging action potentials in neurons, monitoring neural activity in the retina, and applying optical thermometry to individual cells. Additionally, within the domain of electro-neural interfaces, they study the mechanisms of neural stimulation and inhibition, and develop photovoltaic retinal prosthesis designed to restore vision in retinal degeneration.