A-Neuron Electronic Corp.

A-Neuron Electronic Corp.

Location Zhubei City, Taiwan

Years active 2016 - present

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A-Neuron Electronics Corporation is a medical device producer focused on developing microchips that can be used to treat epilepsy and the visually impaired. The company is an investor in technology that was originally licensed by National Chiao Tung University’s Biomedical Electronics Translational Research Center.

The CEO of A-Neuron, Jian Hsin-chin, earned his PhD in neural network research. He became enlightened to the BETRC because he worked there during his doctoral studies. As of 2019, they’ve filed several patents detailing the creation of an electronic stimulation device that would analyze brain wave and neurological event data in order to restore vision. More specifically, the corporation is developing an artificial retina that generates power by absorbing infrared light. Furthermore, the BETRC is working on electronic hearing aids designed to look like biological ears, Parkison’s treatments, and spinal nerve treatments. The center is currently Taiwan’s largest biomedical device research center. They hope to begin human testing soon.

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