IntelliMicro Medical Co., Ltd.

IntelliMicro Medical Co., Ltd.

Location Changsha, China

Years active 2018 - present

Founder Mark S. Humayun


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IntelliMicro Medical Co. Ltd., was established in Changsha, China in March 2018 by California Institute of Technology, Golden Eye Bionics and its core member academician Mark Humayun and several scientists. It is mainly engaged in R&D and production of neuromodulation stimulators. It is the only enterprise in which Caltech owns shares outside America, the only enterprise in which the National Medal of Technology and Innovation settles in outside America, and a key enterprise and key project imported by Hunan Province.

IntelliMicro has a research team led by Academician Mark Humayun (recipient of the U.S. National Medal of Technology and Innovation in 2015), Academician Yuchong-Tai (recipient of Robert Bosch Micro and Nano Electro Mechanical System Award 2015), Academician Robert Grubbs (recipient of 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) and other world-class engineers.

IntelliMicro has well-prepared research and production conditions. Its scientific research site and production site are 7,500 square meters, including MEMS workshop, implant workshop, external workshop, surgery training and diagnosis room, rehabilitation room, etc. It has international advanced R&D, production, testing equipment, and surgery equipment.

IntelliMicro aims to forge neural electrical stimulator series products’ high-tech medical industry chain with IMIE Intelligent Retinal Implant project as the representative, build a medical exchange platform for the world, set an exemplar for high-end medical device cooperation home and abroad, forge an industry-leading highland of high-tech medical devices with competitiveness and influence all over the world, an independent innovation highland of medical industry that closely combines “research, study, production, and medical”, and a reform and opening-up highland of globally-oriented medical industry so as to contribute IntelliMicro power for better health of humanity.