Location Fremont, CA, USA

Years active 2016 - present

Founder Elon Musk


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Neuralink is a neurotechnology company that is developing implantable brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), based in Fremont, California, as of 2022. Founded by Elon Musk and a team of seven scientists and engineers, Neuralink was launched in 2016 and was first publicly reported in March 2017.

In April 2021, Neuralink demonstrated a monkey playing the game "Pong" using the Neuralink implant. In May 2021, co-founder and president Max Hodak announced that he no longer works with the company. Neuralink received FDA approval for human clinical trials in May 2023, and implanted the first human participant in January 2024.

Visual Prostheses

Employees & Researchers

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