Alpha AMS

affiliated consortiumTübingen Retinal Implant Consortium

Inventor Eberhart Zrenner



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The Alpha AMS is an advanced subretinal implant developed by Retina Implant AG, designed to assist individuals with retinitis pigmentosa, a condition marked by the progressive loss of vision. This implant is an evolution of its predecessor, the Alpha IMS, featuring enhanced functionality with 1,600 light-sensitive photodiodes that more effectively mimic the natural processing of visual signals. Implanted under the retina, the Alpha AMS converts light into electrical signals that are sent to the brain, enabling patients to detect light and dark, and recognize large objects and outlines.


  • 2015: First patient implanted
  • 2016: CE mark approval
  • 2019: End of production

Device Specifications

  • Number of electrodes: 1600
  • Electrode layout: rectilinear
  • Electrode pitch: 70 μm
  • Image processor location: subretinal

Clinical Trials