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BS01 is an optogenetic prosthesis.

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  • 2020: First patient implanted


BS01 is an optogenetic prosthesis with two components. The first is a gene therapy that bestows light sensitivity to retinal ganglion cells – cells that don’t otherwise respond to light but survive after photoreceptors have been lost to retinal disease. The second component is a neural coding device worn like a pair of glasses. The device transmits visual information to the ganglion cells. What makes the technology fundamentally different from other prosthetic technologies is the understanding and use of the retina's neural code. Because the device uses this code, it sends information to the brain that the brain can understand. A second key factor is that the technology does not require surgery - just an injection to deliver an optogenetic vector to the retinal ganglion cells.

Device Specifications

  • Image processor location: external

Clinical Trials