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Dr. Gregory W. Auner is a Strauss/TEAMS (Technology and Engineering Applications in Medicine and Surgery) Endowed Chair and Professor in the Department of Surgery and Biomedical Engineering. He also has appointments in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering the Department of Physics at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. He is the Director of Research for the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology at Henry Ford Health Department of Ophthalmology.

He is the founder and director of the Smart Sensors and Integrated Microsystems (SSIM) program at WSU which encompasses 8 centrally located laboratories over 150 participating faculty, graduate students, staff scientists/engineers, and undergraduate researchers. He has developed an array of instruments, sensors and microsystems, software and communication systems for federal institutions and industry. Approximately 90% of his research involves the research and development of microsystems, nanosystems, intelligent deep learning systems and BioMEMS systems. He has performed extensive research for the Department of Defense, the National Institute of Health, the National Science Foundations, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and the Biomedical Advance Research and Development Authority in the areas of water-borne chemical and bacteria sensing, radiation dosimetry in human exposure, airborne pathogen detection, signal analysis, and encrypted communications.

He has been the Principal Investigator on more than $40 Million in peer reviewed funding at Wayne State University. He has over 40 patents (issued and pending) in the last several years for bio implants, chemical, biomedical, and environmental sensing with Raman spectroscopy, and microsystems lab on a chip development. He has over 300 peer reviewed publications and over 4000 citations. He has received several awards including Crain’s Healthcare Hero Award 2018, the Strauss Endowed Chair, Induction to the 2007-2008 Class of Leaders & Innovators, WSU Alumni Faculty Service Award, RARE Foundation’s Everyday Hero Award, the Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Advancement of Knowledge- American Society for Reproductive Medicine to name a few.

Dr. Auner was appointed to the National Academies Board on Manufacturing Design and Engineering in 2004. He is also the Co-Founder and Chief Science & Technical Officer at Seraph Biosciences, Visca, LLC, and Venica Fluidic Sciences-Wayne State University SSIM program spin-off companies.