Science Corporation

Science Corporation

Location Alameda, CA, USA

Years active 2021 - present

Founder Max Hodak


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Science Corporation is a neuroscience technology company founded by Max Hodak after his departure from Neuralink in 2021. The company is focused on developing innovative brain-machine interfaces with a specific interest in non-invasive technologies that bypass the need for in-skull implants, unlike many of its competitors. One of its flagship projects is the Science Eye, a visual prosthesis aimed at treating conditions like retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration. This device combines optogenetic gene therapy with an ultra-dense micro-LED display to stimulate the optic nerve directly.

Headquartered in Alameda, CA, the company also operates the Science Foundry, a MEMS foundry facility in Research Triangle Park, NC.

On April 25, 2024 the company announced that they had acquired assets from Pixium Vision, including three ongoing clinical trials in late-stage macular degeneration and the IP and related assets for the PRIMA retinal implant. The acquisition was approved as part of a proceeding in the Paris Commercial Court, after Pixium was placed in liquidation. The terms of the deal were not announced.