Vivani Medical

Vivani Medical

Location Emeryville, USA

Years active 2022 - present


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Vivani Medical, Inc., trading under the Nasdaq ticker VANI, is the combination of Nano Precision Medical, Inc. and Second Sight Medical Products, Inc.. The Company leverages proprietary technologies to develop and commercialize drug and device implants that treat patients with chronic diseases with high unmet medical need.

Prior to the merger, Nano Precision Medical, Inc. was a privately held biopharmaceutical company developing drug implants that utilize its proprietary NanoPortal drug implant technology. In 2022, Second Sight Medical Products, Inc., merged with Nano Precision Medical, Inc., to become Vivani Medical, Inc.

Operating under their Biopharm Division and Neuromodulation Division, Vivani develops, manufactures, and markets therapies that target chronic conditions with high unmet medical needs. Vivani is also developing implantable visual prostheses that are intended to deliver useful artificial vision to blind individuals. The visual prosthesis developments are a continuation of the work which has been pursued at Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. before the merger was consummated and the name was changed to Vivani Medical, Inc.