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The N1 implant consists of 1024 electrodes distributed across 64 threads, composed mostly of polyimide with a thin gold or platinum conductor, which are inserted into the brain through an automated process performed by a surgical robot (R1). Each thread consists of an area of wires that contains electrodes capable of locating electrical signals in the brain, and a sensory area where the wire interacts with an electronic system that allows amplification and acquisition of the brain signal.

Neuralink received FDA approval for human clinical trials with the N1 in May 2023. On January 29, 2024, Musk said that Neuralink had successfully implanted a Neuralink device in a human on the day prior, and that the patient was recovering:"Initial results show promising neuron spike detection".

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  • 2024: First patient implanted
  • 2023: FDA approval

Device Specifications

  • Number of electrodes: 1024