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The miniature Nano Retina device, the NR600 Implant, replaces the functionality of the damaged photoreceptor cells and creates the electrical stimulation required to activate the remaining healthy retinal cells. NR600 consists of two components; a miniature implantable chip and a set of eyeglasses worn by the patient.

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Nano Retina’s implant contains all the required components that enable its full vision functionality in a single miniature chip. The Nano Retina implant is inserted into the eye in a minimally invasive surgical procedure under local anesthesia in an ambulatory surgery with no need for hospitalization. The estimated procedure duration is less than 1 hour. Following the implantation procedure, the stimulation parameters will be calibrated and optimized based on the patient’s individual needs and a team of low vision specialists will familiarize the patient with his new vision ability. The Nano Retina solution also allows patients to fine-tune different light settings at a push of a button.

Device Specifications

  • Electrode layout: 26x26
  • Image processor location: in glasses

Clinical Trials