Suprachoroidal Prosthesis (24-channel)



The BVT Bionic Eye System is a suprachoroidal implant manufactured by Bionic Vision Technologies. The Gen1 Bionic Eye System was previously known as BVA 24 and was manufactured by the Bionic Vision Australia consortium in 2012. The commercialization rights and research rights of BVA were then taken over by Bionic Vision Technologies (BVT) in 2017. The Gen1 Bionic Eye System used a non-implantable percutaneous connector whereas the Gen2 Bionic Eye System is fully implantable. BVT is now developing the Gen3 Bionic Eye System.


BVT's Bionic Eye System consists of a wearable device and visual implant similar in concept and design to that used by cochlear hearing implants. It operates by translating images from a camera mounted on an eyeglass frame into electrical signals which stimulate the nerves via electrodes placed behind the retina (in the suprachoroidal space), to deliver visual information to the brain.