Bionic Vision Australia



Years active2010 - 2016

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Bionic Vision Australia (BVA) was a national consortium of researchers working together to develop bionic eye devices. The aim of this technology is to restore the sense of vision to people with vision impairment due to retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration.

The BVA bionic eye project brought together a cross-disciplinary group of world-leading experts in the fields of ophthalmology, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering and materials science, neuroscience, vision science, psychophysics, wireless integrated-circuit design, surgical, preclinical and clinical practice. In December 2009, the Australian Federal Government awarded a $42 million ARC grant to Bionic Vision Australia to develop bionic vision technology.

The consortium ceased operations on 31 December 2016. The technologies developed by the consortium are now being commercialised by Bionic Vision Technologies.