ASR Artificial Silicon Retina


The ASR was designed to stimulate damaged retinal cells from within the retina to allow the cells to recreate visual signals that are processed and sent to the brain.


  • 2000: First patient implanted


Optobionics’ Artificial Silicon Retina™ microchip (ASR™) was invented by Dr. Alan Chow and his brother Vincent Chow. When surgically implanted under the retina—in a location known as “subretinal space”—the ASR chip is designed to produce visual signals similar to those produced by the photoreceptor layer. From their subretinal location, these artificial “photoelectric” signals from the ASR microchip can induce visual signals in the remaining functional retinal cells which may are then processed and sent via the optic nerve to the brain.

Device Specifications

  • Number of electrodes: 5000 microphotodiodes
  • Electrode diameter: 25 μm
  • Image processor location: subretinal