Dr. Ariel Rokem is a Research Associate Professor at the University of Washington (UW) Department of Psychology and a Data Science Fellow at the eScience Institute. He is the principal investigator of the Neuroinformatics R&D Group and a faculty member in the VisCog group. His group develops computational tools to study the biological basis of brain function and applies them to a variety of research questions.

Dr. Rokem received a Bachelors and Masters degree in Biology and Cognitive Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2002 and 2005). He then received a PhD in neuroscience from UC Berkeley (2010) and additional postdoctoral training in computational neuroimaging at Stanford (2011 - 2015). He was a Senior Data Scientist at the University of Washington eScience Institute (2015-2020), before joining the faculty of the Department of Psychology in 2020.

In addition, he is the co-director of the UW Center for Human Neuroscience and directs the NeuroHackademy Summer Institute in Neuroimaging and Data Science at UW.