Restoring vision with a bionic eye

285 million people around the world live with irreversible vision loss.
However, dozens of research groups are working on bionic eye technologies
that might one day restore vision to people who are blind.

Sight restoration: A rapidly growing field

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    Research Spotlights

    In our newly established interview series, we aim to learn from leading research scientists, company founders, and luminaries in the field of bionic vision. Join us as we explore the academic and scientific aspects of this captivating domain, uncovering the minds and ideas driving the progress of vision restoration.


    Restoring a functional level of vision to people living with vision loss has been a dream of medicine for centuries. Although we are still far from restoration of high-resolution vision, bionic eye technologies are overcoming crucial bottlenecks and are slowly moving from the laboratory into the clinic.

    In combination with cell implants, gene therapy, and optogenetics, a wide variety of sight restotation technologies should be available in the near future.

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